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If you think you’ve got a problem with your vehicle, but you’re not sure what it is or your engine warning lights are appearing, book in with Jarrow MOT Centre and we’ll find the faults within the system and get them repaired for you. We have highly qualified Snap-On Verus Diagnostic Technicians in our team at Jarrow MOT Centre, as one of the most powerful diagnostic system and software in the market, this means our team can provide a fast, efficient and effective engine diagnostic test with any make or model or vehicle.

Latest technology in diagnostic testing

Faster, smarter and lighter, we have invested in the latest technology in diagnostic testing which ensures that our findings are quick and accurate. This technology allows us to diagnose faults that perhaps other garages have difficult finding. Our technicians have the knowledge to identify and translate the error codes that come up within the information system, and are then able to provide your vehicle with the repairs needed to get you back on the road.

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What parts of the car are tested?

Your car has an inbuilt computer, which is connected to a number of systems to control and monitor their activity and performance. The main areas that are tested during your diagnostic test with Jarrow MOT Centre are the engine management system, the ABS System, the immobiliser system, the airbag system, air conditioning system, automatic transmission systems, the cabling and wires ‘controlled area network’ and service light interval settings.

Why do I need a diagnostic test conducted?

If you have warning lights appearing on your vehicle, it means there is an error within the system. This error could be either a minor repair or can indicate something isn’t quite right and major repairs might be needed. The diagnostic test helps to determine where these errors are coming and can pinpoint exactly what repairs are needed in which location, which our technicians can then go ahead and do. We always contact you first, before we conduct any repairs to let you know what’s going on and to make sure you’re happy with us to move forward. The diagnostic test can help to avoid any unnecessary parts replacement, as the error codes are specific to what is going on with the system.

Not sure what’s wrong with your vehicle?

Book online for a diagnostic test with Jarrow MOT Centre. If you’re warning lights are appearing it is often important to get your vehicle to a local garage as soon as possible so that no further damage is caused to your engine system or parts within the engine bay. You can book online 24 hours a day with Jarrow MOT Centre, even outside of opening hours so that you can book your car in when it suits. Contact us for details and advice about our repairs and services.

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