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Cambelt replacements available at low prices in Jarrow and Hebburn!

At Jarrow MOT Centre, we provide cambelt replacement as well as timing belt kits for our customers. The timing belt is one of the most important components within your engine as it controls your engine’s timing. Every vehicle needs a cambelt replacement at some point due to daily wear and tear. By using a timing belt kit, it can help to get the job done properly and is easier to use. It’s important that your timing belt is fitted properly to prevent any further errors.

Incredibly experienced repairs at Jarrow MOT Centre

At Jarrow MOT Centre, we have nearly 40 years’ experience working on timing belt kits and replacements. We can identify any other issues that have occurred in your vehicle over time, check manufacturers specifications and make sure that everything is running smoothly within your vehicle. We can replace the belt when the time comes, and also advise you if we notice that it will need changing in the future. Always refer to your manufacturer’s guidelines when in doubt as they will provide a rough estimate of when you need to change your belt.

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Timing belt kits

We supply a number of timing belt kits for most makes and models of vehicles. It makes cambelt replacement easier and helps your vehicle run smoother on the roads around Jarrow and Hebburn. All our kits come with a 12-month parts and labour warranty, so you can rely on the quality you receive. We’re cambelt specialists who are willing to answer any questions you might have as well as provide helpful tips to keep your car on track. That’s why we’re the number one choice for cambelt replacement in Jarrow and Hebburn!

When does my timing belt kit need to be changed?

It’s important to change your timing belt kit based on the manufacturer’s mileage and specifications within your handbook. However, there can also be some other signs that your cambelt needs replacing.

Water pump problems – If you’ve experienced leaks within your water pump, it can lead to damage to your timing belt. The liquid leaked from your water pump can cause corrosion to some of the components in the timing belt kit and will need to be replaced.

Crankshaft or camshaft seal leaks – the oil leaked within the system due to a crankshaft or camshaft leak attacked the rubber of the belt, which can overheat the system.

Alternator belt damage – if your alternator belt is damaged it can move or parts can break off which can affect the parts in the system. It can cause the timing belt to move and therefore the tension on the belt can change, causing damage.

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